Friday, September 23, 2011

This is My Uninteresting Blog Post Title

Worried about what to name your next post?  You really want people to click it and read it, don't you.  I know I do!

It is really important to have a suitable title for your post, but not always.  I'm not talking about being lazy or making it something misleading, I'm saying that it is not always as important as people might tell you.

Sure, you want something catchy for the title of your post, but do you really want to spend hours or even days for every post title?  I think it doesn't matter a stuff what you make your post title. So long as it's not misleading.  The number of times I've clicked something great on YouTube only to be Rick-Rolled, it gets annoying after a while :-)

So it's not important what you call your post.

But why?  Don't you want more people to open your post and read it?  Of course you do! But, a majority of your readers will usually read every post you create anyway.  All the blogs I subscribe too I open every post and read. I might skim over some, but I still open them all.

This is why it doesn't always matter what you call it.

The people subscribing to your blog are those that you have already won over.  They loved your content enough to want to subscribe.  You don't need to entice them every time to open your posts and read them.

Where it does matter what you call your title is when you are after a new reader.  When you want to entice them to click your link and open it.  List posts work great for this, just like my 8 Important Free Accounts to Utilize When Blogging.  But sometimes, you aren't after the attention, so you don't need to always waste your time.

When are there occasions when you don't want to grab someone's attention?  Aren't you always after those new followers?  Well, yes you are.  I'm not saying to never work on your title, I am suggesting that you don't always have to. Think about what you are writing about.  Is it something that people would hit the subscribe button in their droves? Or is it simply you talking about something simple, like how cute your puppy is?

So don't worry so much what you call every post. But don't forget, don't miss out on opportunites to get new followers in the process.

Tork @ The Blog Plan 

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