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Add Email Subscribe Below Each Post

The Blog Plan – Latest Update
Add Email Subscribe Below Each Post

A big player in the blogging world, Daniel from Daily Blog Tips does it.  He wrote about it once that the best place to display the subscribe to newsletter opt-in box was below each post.  Why?  Well, it's on every page!  It's always there and tempting you to join my list.  Oooh, how tempting it must be!

I'm still up in the air about this one, but The Blog Plan is all about experimenting.  It's about showing you everything that I do and figuring out what works best.

Here's how it currently looks:

I don't like it.  It's too big.  It takes up too much space below my posts.  I prefer it to be more squished, a bit smaller.

That's not to say that I don't want it there at all though.  I've left it like this for now to show you what you probably shouldn't do.  Saying that, I am not quite show how I'd change it just yet.

So far, I've gained about 20 subscribers.  Not too bad really, considering I'm yet to do any real marketing.  Still, it's a bit disappointing.  I want thousands already!

Greedy aren't I?  But, I'm not doing any favors by not having a 100% crisp sign-up form.  Something to work on.

HTML Code to Add Your Newsletter Sign up Form

Here is the code I used.  It's entered under Design > Edit HTML section of blogger.

Click 'Expand Widget Template' and find the code <data:post.body/>

Here's the code:
<table border='0' cellspacing='15' width='135'>
    <td><a href='LINK TO MY EBOOK LANDING PAGE'><img height='300' src='MY EBOOK COVER IMG' width='300'/></a></td>
    <td><center>COPY AND PASTE FORM CODE HERE</center></td>

So I have created a landing page for my eBook, where I talk about what the book is about.  This link is marked in red.  Your link would be your own landing page for your product.

Marked in green is the link to my eBook cover picture image.

Marked in orange is the code of your sign up form.  This can be gathered from a few places as discussed in How to Use Email Marketing Service for Free.

Why is it important

As I said previously, we shall see why it is important.  Trying to put myself from a reader's point of view, I don't want to be flamed with a "Oi! Sign up to my newsletter" that might take over my browser.  No thanks, I hate those and rarely ever hit subscribe.  I also don't want it to appear in any of my side bars.  I'd like to keep that open for my Facebook fan page or future sponsors.

For now, I'd like at least anyone willing enough to read a post all the way to the bottom to be hitting subscribe.  I don't want to have people subscribing just because they want a free eBook.  I want to reward those for getting far enough to read through my ramblings (my awesome and helpful ramblings, of course hehehe).  They.. You!  You are the people I want as my subscribers.  Those that find me as helpful and could keep on being helpful towards.

I think it makes more sense now having it below each post because of this.  Valued readers subscribing is what we are all after, aren't we?

Tips to remember

  • Keep images small, but easy enough to read.
  • Keep sign up form small as well, with email address only, making it easy as possible for folks to sign up.
  • You can adjust image heights and widths from 300px to whatever you wish, enclosed in the <img src> brackets.
  • This code will make the sign up opt-in form appear at the bottom of every single post.  If you are only showing one post per page, then you wont have a problem. If you are showing more than one post at once, you might just like to add the code as a HTML widget instead.

Do you have an email sign up form?  Where have you placed yours?  What do you think is the best location?

Tork @ The Blog Plan

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