Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Latest Blogging Tool. Install a Hello Bar

The Blog Plan – Latest Update
Latest Blogging Tool. Install a Hello Bar

See that thing at the top of this page?  Something referring to my free eBook?

That is my Hello Bar!  It sits on top of every single page of my site and links to my eBook.  Pretty cool huh?

The Hello Bar is a new tool from Digital Telepathy. I talked about it in a recent post 8 Important Free Accounts to Utilize When Blogging and about how you can get it yourself.  But, I felt it important to talk about in its own post, mainly because it's a change made to the site.

It is just a cool little widget/plugin, whatever you like to call them, that you can add to your own site.

The Blog Plan, as you can see, is used on the Blogger platform. On the top of every page with Blogger, there is an annoying bar referring you to create your own blog or sign into your own blogger account.  The problem with this bar is that it kind of camouflages the Hello Bar, therefore, why have it there at all?

Hmm, good question.  Can I get rid of this blogger bar? Perhaps something I will look into at some stage later down the track.

Why is it important

It's great if you own a website outside of Blogger (one where the Hello Bar is easy to see).  It is a great way to get the attention of someone landing on your page to be taken to a page that is important for them and for you.

It stands out, so it's worth giving it a go, even if you are on blogspot.

Tips to remember

  • The Hello Bar only allows a certain number of clicks per month, which is (as of time of post) 25 clicks per month.  This is stuff all for popular sites.  If you love it, you may want to consider purchasing an upgrade.
  • I'm uncertain whether the link shown in the tool is set as rel='nofollow'.  If this is the case, that would spoil its handiness for your SEO purposes.  If it is set as follow, then that will be a great help to have a link at the top of every one of your pages all point to your most important page of your site.

Are you using the Hello Bar?  What do you reckon? How is it working for you?

Tork @ The Blog Plan

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