Thursday, October 20, 2011

Writing to NOT Make Money

Own a blog? You want to try and make some money by blogging, don't you? At least, you want to get plenty of traffic for your site.  Thats why you're here! That's why you are reading my blog, otherwise you've clicked your way here to find out why I would say something strange about writing to not make any money.  Writing for no reason.

Well, there is a reason.

Why Do You Blog?

Let's first figure out why you are a blogger.  Are you doing it because you want to make some fast cash? And are you then writing what you think people will want to know?

If you fall under both these two categories, then forget it. You're not going to last.

Writing to make some fast cash only works.. well, it just never works.  It takes a whole lot of time to build a following and rankings on the search engines.

Writing about what you think people will want to know only is useful when you love what you are writing about.

This is my point of the day, doing and writing about what you love.

What you LOVE people.  Write about what you LOVE!

Then you're headed in the right direction.

- tork

ps. Thanks for the tweets at Torkona3.  I've been real sick lately but on the road to recovery!  Stupid flu.

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