Monday, October 31, 2011

Add CommentLuv to Blogger with Recent Post Links

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Add CommentLuv to Blogger with Recent Post Links

Blogger has a terrible commenting system.  Whenever I am on a blog that uses the default commenting system that comes with Blogger, I tend to turn the other way and don't comment as much as I should.  Terrible, I know, but time is a fragile thing for a blogger like me.

So I want the best commenting widget that any blogger could want or ask for.  CommentLuv from IntenseDebate.  It has been added at the bottom of each post as a widget once you click the "Comments" link.  How you can add this to your own blog can be found here.

Why is it important

Comments are a great way to keep in touch with your readers and for them to get in touch with you.  CommentLuv is the one you want.  Whenever someone makes a comment and link to their own post, they are increasing their own Google Ranking!

Yep, the CommentLuv widget is never set as rel="nofollow".  A lot of commenting systems (including the default Blogger one) won't give you credit for commenting.  I like to reward anyone that takes the time to leave me a comment with a bit more exposure and Google backlinks in return.  It also helps to promote people subscribing to my blog and returning with a comment, which is fantastic in my books.

Tips to remember

  • Using CommentLuv to allow others to link to their own posts in return for commenting slightly decreases your own link juice. Totally worth it, but if you are a shrewd for sharing, it's something you should know.
  • Setting up an IntenseDebate account is required.  It would be good to create your own avatar to display when commenting on your blog yourself.  Check out the IntenseDebate site for any help.

Do you use CommentLuv?  Would you consider returning to The Blog Plan often and commenting to increase your Google Ranking?

Tork @ The Blog Plan

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