Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Prepare Blog for a Traffic Spike

You're plodding along with your blog, writing post after post of what you think is great content.

Your site is full of images and full of really good posts.

You've got buttons on your site for users to subscribe.  You've got buttons for users to share to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, perhaps also StumbleUpon.

Then, it hits you.  Traffic!

You are getting hundreds of hit an hour.

You start getting a thousand.

You start getting thousands!

CRASH!! Your site crashes.. All this traffic you were getting starts to dissipate and you miss out on getting new subscribers, affiliate dollars and AdSense clicks.

Are you prepared for a traffic spike to occur?

Preparing Yourself for a Traffic Spike

It has happened to me on a test site that I run.   I increased my site traffic by 53000% solely through the use of one social media tool, StumbleUpon.

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I was receiving 3000 hits per hour via my test site.  It was a humor site with lots of images.  These images were stored on a free image storage site called PhotoBucket. The PhotoBucket site has a limit on it for free users of its system. You're only allowed a certain amount of gigabytes to be downloaded per month.  I took that limit through the roof.

All my images stopped displaying.  My traffic started to slow.  StumbleUpon users will downgrade a website if they don't like it, hence why it is a great system and something every blogger should use. Downgrading my site slowed the traffic, saying bye bye to thousands per hour and bye bye to my AdSense clicks. My site has yet to return to its glory. Too many thumbs down may have hurt it for good.

You don't want the same to happen to you.  I'm lucky enough it has occured to my test site, a site I'm not particularly too worried about.  But it would have been nice to get that sort of traffic still.

So, are you ready for a wave of hits for your site?  Lets see is you are.

  • Are all your downloadable items, such as images or files, stored on an external site with unlimited download limits?
  • Does your site host have an extremely high or unlimited download limit?
  • Do you have all your "subscribe/follow my blog" buttons and links set up?
  • Do you have your "subscribe to newsletter" up and functioning?
  • Is your site designed for people to easily know what it is all about?
  • Are you easily contactable via your site?

These I would think should be your top priorities.  They are all very important to stop your site from crashing as well as gaining those followers and repeat traffic that you are after.

If you think you've ticked all of these off, perhaps double check that you are sure, even by asking others in the know.  The old saying goes "Two heads are better than one, but fifteen is more awesome!".  Or something like that.

Again, be prepared for a traffic spike!  You never know when it might hit you, so be prepared.

- tork

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