Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Blog Plan New Logo - Decisions

Hey there.  Recently, this went down on Twitter:

Sweet!  I won me a competition to improve upon my logo here at The Blog Plan.

Although I am very proud of my current logo, it is rather shabby and needs improvement.  Getting a pro to do it though is just what I need.  Having Little Hero Hosting to help me out has been fantastic.

But now I need your help too.  I have narrowed it down to four choices for a logo.  This one is my favorite:

But don't let me sway you! I still haven't decided 100% anyway!  That's where I need your help.  Please see them all at The Blog Plan Fan Page and hit Like on which picture you like the best.

Hopefully you'll help me make up my mind, they are all just so good!

I will leave it open for about 24 hours.  Soon enough, you'll find out which one I've chosen.

Thanks all, and thanks again to Little Hero Hosting for a great idea for a competition.

I look forward to finding out your favorite too!

- tork
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