Thursday, August 25, 2011

Interview: Glowless on Weekly Link Sharing

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Something has always intrigued me over at Where's My Glow?.  Recently I asked the owner Glowless about it.

I've been a fan boy of Glowie ever since I started blogging over on my dad blog.  During my first days, somehow I stumbled across her mum blog.  She was one of the first bloggers that said hello to me.  Strange how that works hey?  Eight months later and I still pop back every now and then.  Just goes to show that you should always try and help someone new in the blogging world.  I learnt that lesson fast.

Glowles runs a post series every Friday called 'FlogYoBlog Friday'. It is a great idea for her to get return visitors to her blog, so I wanted to know more about it and to show you an idea that you could implement on your own blog.

Flog Your Blog Friday (FYBF) is a great idea. Can you quickly summarise for my readers what it is?

FlogYoBlog Friday is a blog hop where bloggers from any niche can link up their best post from the week, regardless of what it's about, and present it to a wider audience.

How long have you been running FYBF?

I've been Flog-Sitting FlogYoBlog Friday since February this year (2011).

I can see FYBF was originally started by another blogger. Why did they stop and how did you start?

FlogYoBlog Friday was the brain child of the fabulous Brenda at Mummy Time. She was becoming increasingly busy with Digital Parents and The Mother Media so sent her baby to be looked after by Lori at Random Ramblings of a SAHM for an extended stay. When Lori's circumstances changed it came for a visit at Where's My Glow?. I was chosen because it was noticed that I used to comment on all the posts that linked up - see, good things come to those who comment!

Have you seen it increase your followers/subscribers dramatically?

It took a few weeks for people to realize FlogYoBlog Friday had moved from it's previous home, but eventually they found it and started Flogging. The response has been great and it definitely brought some new followers - it's such a privilege to be able to host it.

Is being in front of your computer posting FYBF once every week tiresome?

It's not tiresome, but it can be pretty full on. Originally I committed to commenting on every single blog post that had been linked up, but after a few months I found I just couldn't keep up any more and my entire weekends were being spent reading and not with my family. From the beginning I tried to put my own spin on FlogYoBlog Friday and created a theme for each week and called them Editions - thinking up new and exciting Editions is probably more tiresome than actually hosting it!

From your blogging experience, what is the best blog tip that you can give others?

Join FlogYoBlog Friday of course! Then if you're able to, attend a Blog Conference - the things you will learn there are amazing, plus the networking opportunities are endless.

Glowless is a wanna-be crunchy mama of a one year old boy and blogs with tongue very firmly in cheek at Where's My Glow?. She claims that blogging is cheaper than therapy and just as effective - the blogosphere has become her happy place where she finds solace away from housework. She is a makeup artist, writer, prolific tweeter, sponsorship seeker and the 2011 Aussie Mummy Blogger with the X Factor.

Tork's Note

Thanks to Glow for the interview.  I find this to be a great way to gain traffic to your own blog.  It provides something that both parties want.  The reader, a chance to easily share their posts to a greater audience.  The blogger, a method to gain traffic and new followers.  The only downfall of Glow's system is always having to be in front of your computer on a weekly basis.  If it isn't tiresome, or you can somehow get around being at your computer (scheduled posts perhaps) then this idea is fantastic.

What do you think? Would you post often at something like FYBF? Would you run something similar?
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