Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Being Yourself Leads to Awesome Shadow Puppetry

Blogging is a tough gig, especially when you have one that you want to do well.

What do you define as well though? The number of hits you get? The amount of dollars you receive from AdSense? A high subscribers list?

This really is a hard term to define.  It all depends on what you are after.  But the way to get to the success of your blog that you desire is to learn from others.  It's the best way to learn how to blog.

Find a blogging buddy, subscribe to helpful blogs in your niche, follow blogging tips sites, but there is one important thing to remember.

Be yourself.

Read tips.  Learn from friends, but never lose who you are.

It's all good to follow and learn from others, but don't forget to write your own way, to be your own person.  Don't let others totally make what sort of blogger you are.

I've found after months and months of researching I started to lose myself.  I started to try and emulate those with success.  That was all well and good, but I should be writing as if I were speaking.  Writing to put myself in my work instead of a bland post that no one knows there is a person behind it typing away at the keys.

Aim for Greatness in Your Own Way

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You is what makes your blog and what makes people come back.  We want to know what makes you tick!  Your blog isn't about lists like 6 Ways To Increase Subscribers but more posts like 6 Ways To Make Bunny Shadow Puppets.

Yes, the first post might be useful, but God that sounds boring.  What I would much rather make is something as awesome as the second one. Something fun.  Something that would be personal from me to you.

So don't forget, when you write your next posts, make us laugh.  Make us cry.  Make us want to read and return.  Put yourself in whatever you do and you can't go wrong.

Unless you're a really bad sperler (hahahaha), you might want to keep that part of you to yourself and your spell checker.

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- tork

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